Environmental stewardship

Protecting our resources, reducing our impacts

Our approach to environmental management is about acting with environmental integrity in our business, acknowledging our personal impacts and doing something about it. We recognise that our industry has a significant impact on the natural environment and society and is increasingly susceptible to the risks arising from climate change, resource scarcity and changing societal expectations.

The Woodland Trust

We are one of the first property advisers to link the planting of trees in the UK to our office operations. We have been working with the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, the Woodland Trust. Our support enables tree planting at various locations across the UK. In 2015 we continued to support the ‘Woodland Carbon’ mitigation scheme, where every kg of CO2 from the energy used in our offices was mitigated by planting new trees. In 2015 this was the equivalent of five football pitches.


Environmental Management System

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is certified to ISO 14001, the environmental management system standard. This has continually evolved with improvements in data monitoring and reporting together with actions at office and group level, which has resulted in improved environmental performance. An environmental scorecard is produced for each regional office, allowing environmental champions within the office to better understand progress towards improving its environmental performance and action accordingly.



As part of our sustainability strategy for the period 2016 through 2018 we have set the following goals and objectives in order to minimise our environmental impacts:


  • Reduce and offset our operational carbon dioxide emissions
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain


  1. Purchase 100% renewable electricity where we control the energy contract (and there is a renewable electricity tariff available)
  2. Set environmental procurement criteria and engage with our supply chain
  3. Specify environmental fit-out criteria, including a minimum Ska Rating of Silver on all major fit-outs
  4. Continue to run an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001
  5. Enable our colleagues to operate in a way that minimises their environmental impact through education and changing processes
  6. Offset the carbon dioxide from our office energy use and car travel via the Woodland Carbon scheme
  7. Continue to improve the accuracy of our data and reporting