Our story

We’re proud of our humble beginnings. Two hundred years ago the seed of who we are today was planted

A property agent called JR Eve set up shop in Birmingham, the same city where a decade later another agency was founded – Grimley and Son. The success of both firms was built on a shared respect for their clients, and an unwavering dedication to providing them with the best quality advice.

It wasn’t always a fashionable approach in the corporate world- particularly in the febrile climate of the 1980s - but the values embedded in the DNA of Grimley and JR Eve helped them weather the effects of two world wars, recessions and the transformation of the country’s economic, and physical, landscape. 

So when the two companies united it wasn’t out of financial necessity. We saw the potential to improve and widen the services we could offer our clients, helping them to get the most out of their property and to make sound, informed choices. Every addition to our family is grounded in those same considerations.

We’ve evolved a lot since then, bringing on more sector and service specialists and reaching out to every corner of the country. Our people have worked on headline projects in the public and private arena, and forged enduring relationships with clients in exciting new areas.

But as we’ve gone from strength to strength, the attributes which made us a household name – an absolute commitment to professional excellence, and the positioning of our clients at the centre of our service – have always underpinned everything we do.

We’ve been around for long enough to know that change is inevitable – and it’s something we’re sanguine about. As technology gives us new ways to help our clients and the potential to improve our environment, we’re looking forward to writing the next chapter of our story.