Property and Facilities Consultancy

Strategic review, change and improvement

GVA Acuity

Our experienced consultancy team develops and delivers property and facilities solutions to buildings, people and the workplace. We provide innovative and effective solutions to both the public and private sectors.

Our detailed, impartial approach allows us to build successful relationships with many organisations, each with their own individual requirements. You will benefit from ‘360FM Review’, a comprehensive, evidence-based diagnostic tool.

360FM Review is designed for clients looking to:

  • Develop a new facilities strategy
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Create a standard operating plan
  • Mitigate risk
  • Measure themselves against best practice
  • Support transformational change
  • Create alignment between Business and FM
  • Create Target Operating Models
  • Our understanding of cause and effect of people, processes, technology and services means we can advise clients how best to attain bottom line improvements and the results you and your organisation need.

    We advise clients across various sectors including international corporates, universities and local authorities.