Facilities management dashboard and reporting

GVA Acuity dashboard reporting

Our highly innovative approach is to deliver on-line, drill down automated performance reports specific to each client or contractor. These reports are aligned to our Key Performance Indicators and are generated from the actual data on our management systems.


  • The ability to integrate and report on financial and operational results by graphically illustrating both historical and real-time information
  • Facilitates direct access to KPIs that represent critical performance measures across Facilities Management services
  • Graphically illustrates and identifies any trend movement in areas such as supplier and contractor performance against SLA
  • Real time reporting available on a web browser means you can access your reports wherever you are
  • Allows you to have all your critical information in one place
  • Allows users to see where issues are or may occur and take corrective action earlier than previously possible
  • Provides the flexibility to extract data and measure metrics from a range of databases and applications
  • Interactive drill down functionality means that you can drill down into detailed information at the click of a button. As a result Active Dashboards not only highlights issues but also takes you to the root of a problem

Dashboard reporting example
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