Sustainability services

Sustainability and energy within facilities management

GVA Acuity provides bespoke Energy Management and Conservation services, to the commercial sector.

With our facilities management and building services experience, our Technical Consultancy team can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your current energy stance and provide a step-by-step guide to a more controlled and efficient position, thus encouraging savings to the business.

Not only is this 'best practice' and in line with corporate social responsibility policy, but it is also the foundation for an ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) submission; mandatory for ‘larger’ organisations from 2015.

GVA Acuity are accredited ESOS Lead Assessors and can therefore guide clients towards compliance and advise on the beneficial opportunities this would provide.

We consider energy management for any organisation as a combination of :

  • Data gathering
  • Data analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Application
  • Monitoring and management

The process will evaluate your company's operational requirements, limitations and the subsequent energy saving recommendations. It is just as likely to be management or operational change, as an equipment upgrade.

Our intent is to provide our clients with a tailored energy management programme that provides a means to make informed decisions, regarding future energy usage to carbon reduction ambitions.

Featured bulletin

Energy Savings
Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Large companies must undertake energy audits by December 2015. GVA has a dedicated Building Consultancy division with Chartered Building Surveyors and in-house M&E Engineers who have the necessary expertise to assist with ESOS compliance.

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