Project Management Soft Landings services

Soft Landings Services

Soft Landings is a process developed by BSRIA to help the construction industry and its clients to deliver "better buildings". To us, "better buildings" are buildings and facilities that meet our Clients' aspirations and objectives at a pre-defined cost of delivery and occupation.

We do this through a continuity of informed decision-making, communication and appropriate actions across the project time-frame. Our Soft Landings Champions use their extensive knowledge and experience to provide our clients and their project teams with a golden thread of knowledge and integrity from the initial brief to the post-occupancy evaluation.

The role of Soft Landings Champions also aligns well with ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) and BIM (Building Information Modelling)), is supported by BSRIA and CIBSE and is gaining favour in government and local authority contracts.

The benefits of engaging this process are both perceived and tangible and typically include the following:

  • The project outcomes meet the original objectives
  • The installed systems are more energy efficient and easier and cheaper to maintain
  • The transition from construction to operation and maintenance occur seamlessly enhancing the experience for staff and visitors to the new facility
  • The maintenance of the facility will be cheaper with less 'down-time'
  • A stable and clear benchmark for future improvements in building performance, energy consumption and continuous improvement feedback is established.

Obviously, each commission needs to be tailored to the nature of the project and our Client’s aspirations and objectives to ensure that we deliver value for money.

We will be pleased to discuss how our Soft Landings Champions could support you to deliver better buildings.