Core Cities - Bristol

Low carbon and energy

As the lead for portfolio holder for the core cities on low carbon and energy, I am seeking to put cities back in charge of keeping their own lights on.

Mayor George Ferguson CBE

Mayor George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol; Core Cities Cabinet Member for Low Carbon and Energy

There has been a great deal of debate recently about energy supply in this country – whether it’s about the type of energy generation, the commercial model governing its supply, or what we are doing to protect those in society most vulnerable to the rising cost of energy and fuel.

Most of these policies are governed far from the communities they most affect. At a local level, core cities want increased and more competitive local energy supplies, lower energy usage and carbon emissions, reduced fuel poverty, stronger business infrastructure and huge savings to the public purse.

Bristol is setting up its own energy company. It now has the UK’s first council-owned wind farm which together with the adjacent Avonmouth wind turbines will reduce the city’s carbon footprint by thousands of tonnes per year. We’re not alone, our core city partners are also doing fantastic things with energy, and it’s great to be able to work with them not just to share our experiences, but to work operationally together, creating greater efficiency and increased power of voice for change.

We are asking for fair access to energy markets and influence over how revenues from energy production are invested, and in return we will work with communities to help them save energy as well as generate their own power, taking control of their bills and their energy requirements.