Core Cities - Glasgow

Developing the cities agenda

Glasgow joined the Core Cities network because it is a unique and united voice to promote the role of UK cities in driving economic growth.

Frank McAveety

Frank McAveety, Leader Glasgow City Council

The British economy is now undeniably driven by cities and city regions and the success of metropolitan areas like Glasgow and the Clyde Valley will determine the future prosperity and life chances of our citizens. They are the UK’s economic success stories but have the potential to do much more and achieve even greater things.

Working in partnership, the Core Cities Network helps cities enhance their economic performance making our cities better places to live, work, visit and importantly do business.

It empowers city regions by recognising that transplanting wealth from region to region is not the name of the game: allowing city regions to create more wealth, is.

By providing an effective and strong voice inside national corridors of power Core Cites are forcing the practical changes that meaningfully empower its members, allowing them to harness more of their potential and increase the UK and its citizens overall prosperity.

A major focus for Glasgow and for Core Cities is developing the ‘cities agenda’ and the devolution of significant decision making powers to city level.

The issue is not devolution from one capital city to another, but genuine transformative devolution from capital cities down to their own constituent cities and regions.

The Core Cities network are at the forefront of this agenda and we all stand to reap the benefit.