Core Cities - Sheffield

Investing in growth

My city of Sheffield is known globally for high quality engineering and manufacturing and like the other Core Cities, we have unique and dynamic economic assets with the potential to be the centre of jobs and growth in a new UK economy.

Cllr Julie Dore

Councillor Julie Dore, Leader Sheffield City Council; Core Cities Cabinet Member Finance and Investment

To achieve our full potential we need the tools that allow us to compete not only with London and cities in the UK, but on the global stage. As cities we must be able to take the decisions that matter and shape our own destiny in the 21st Century economy. We need the freedom to take long term financial decisions to invest in infrastructure which is vital to make us competitive and the skills businesses need to make our city a high wage economy. The key to enabling cities to achieve this is giving them the financial tools they need to unlock their potential. We must move away from a situation where central government directly controls how the vast majority of public money is spent in our cities, limiting the ability of places to make the decisions that matter for their economy. Cities are better placed to understand the needs of local businesses and what their city needs to grow.

As Core Cities we have the expertise, knowledge and vision to drive our cities forward as places to invest and grow, with sustainable public services which connect people to that growth. With increased freedoms to shape our own destiny, the potential for what our cities could become is boundless.