Commercial Property Development services

In-depth understanding throughout the development lifecycle

Our services

Market appraisal

We review land demand and supply - assessing trends in rents, values, yields, voids and vacancies.

Asset review

We provide strategic advice and perform independent reviews of individual property portfolios to ascertain development prospects.

Development viability and scheme formulation/options

We use development appraisals to analyse the financial viability of development schemes and advise on the optimum mix of uses proposed.

Affordable Housing Assessments

We provide financial analysis of proposed schemes to assess the level of affordable housing they can support.

Development levies – S.106 negotiations/CIL

We negotiate S.106s and make reps on draft CIL charging schedules.

Funding applications

We support clients on various bids and funding applications for development projects.

Disposal and acquisition

We advise on the whole process of acquiring and disposing of space.

OJEU procurement/bid management

We help frame the agreements that bring together public agencies and developers, managing the entire procurement process.

Development finance and management

We can provide finance, funding options and accounting advice to clients looking to fund and deliver a capital programme.

Joint Ventures/Local Asset Backed Vehicles

We use different financing structures to bring public and private sector partners together to facilitate development.