Offshore renewables

Energising property solutions

Offshore wind is expected to make a significant contribution to overall UK energy generation and carbon reduction targets over the coming years.

We have unique experience in offshore renewables, advising on the use of coastal land to provide the supply chain and grid support for the marine industries. Our team boasts a wealth of up-to-date knowledge on the critical site requirements for the offshore renewables sector.

As a result, we can offer a mix of site location, planning, transactional,finance, valuation, business rates, building/project management and economic/labour supply advice to site owners, operators, agencies and local authorities.

Our offshore supply chain expertise can also be provided as part of a wider offer of land and property advice for power and energy companies, either for a specific offshore operator, or for a mixed portfolio where the company may have interests in both onshore and offshore renewables, aswell as thermal and nuclear.

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Strategic planning and development advice for offshore wind infrastructure.

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