Onshore renewables

Energising property solutions

Regulation, policy and financial incentives are driving the renewables industry to respond to the challenges presented by climate change.

We offer property solutions that support the low-carbon economy with a detailed understanding of the land, property and development requirements of the onshore renewables sector, including wind, hydro,solar photovoltaic (PV), combined heat and power (CHP) and biomass.

From the identification of land opportunities, to valuing and negotiating the acquisition of land, advising on financing, business rates to securing consent for large-scale generating plant, we understand client requirements and deliver the highest standard of service.

Through a portfolio approach or advice on specific properties, we are also able to bring new thinking on existing assets, maximising advantage through reducing energy bills and realising financial return.

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Our expertise
Planning for onshore wind

Strategic planning advice and consenting for onshore wind infrastructure.

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