Environmental services

Leading specialists in environmental due diligence

Our services

The GVA Environmental services team provide the following services:

Environmental due diligence

We provide technical advice on land contamination, regulatory compliance issues, liability risk transfer and independent scrutiny of associated cost implications. Our reports are written in accordance with UK Standards or the ASTM Standard E1527-13 that is the benchmark for US and overseas investors.

Flood risk and resilience

We provide advice to clients on flood risk and resilience, including the preparation of flood risk assessments to support planning applications and for due diligence purposes. We are experienced in formulating flood evacuation plans and advising on mitigation options to reduce the impact of flooding.

Project management

We can prepare technical specifications for asbestos registers, ecological surveys, flood risk modeling, ground investigation surveys, topographic survey and associated design works. Typically, we will manage the tender process, provide technical/financial appraisals of consultant proposals, coordinate delivery and review technical content of final reports. In conjunction with your legal advisor we are able to advise on consultant appointment, warranty and report assignments. Most importantly, we are able to provide support throughout commercial negotiations on abnormal development costs and are experienced in defending or securing price reductions for our clients.

Site closures and decommissioning

We are able to advise operators, financial institutions and insolvency practitioners on the environmental implications of site closure and/or decommissioning of industrial facilities. This involves managing environmental permits, consultants /contractors and regulators.