Pubs and licensed leisure

Specialists in pubs, restaurants, bars and nightclubs

GVA's licensed property team provides a comprehensive range of specialist property services to a wide range of clients in the UK from individual operators to major pub chains.

Offering specific expertise across all sectors of the licensed market including city bars, nightclubs, country pubs, community locals, restaurants and fast food outlets GVA agents advise clients on the marketing of their property/business and specialise in the placing of pub and restaurant portfolios and smaller pub packages.

We have considerable experience in undertaking licensed property rent reviews, from the High Street themed bar through to the village local, and regularly act for the major pub operators and institutional landlords and we will acquire property/businesses on behalf of retained clients plus negotiate lease renewals and provide lease restructuring guidance.

We are approved valuers for most of the major corporate lending institutions across the UK so our valuers undertake portfolio valuations, for balance sheet enquiries, acquisitions and loan security purposes for clients.

At GVA, operators can seek every element of consultancy advice, whether it’s issues relating to rationalisation strategies, planning, building consultancy or unlicensed property management.

For examples of licensed leisure properties GVA has been involved with, view our case studies here.