UK Housing Market

Meeting the challenges of delivering more and better homes

Housing is at the top of every agenda at present. The challenge of building more new homes, including social and affordable housing, is matched by the challenge of bringing our existing 26 million homes up to spec and code.

Only by meeting these twin challenges can we start to provide attractive starter homes for people just setting out on their own, homes for key workers in our busiest and most desirable locations, larger, energy-efficient homes that allow families to grow, and smaller, cost-effective homes to let the older generation "down-size" while remaining in the heart of their communities.

We also have to ensure that those in local authority or housing association properties, as well as those in the Private Rented Sector, are getting a fair deal and a comfortable, sustainable home. And we must not overlook the particular demands of delivering more residential or sheltered accommodation for people less able to care for themselves, homes for our Armed Forces personnel and their families, and student accommodation – currently booming.

At GVA we work across every part of the UK, to help meet these multiple challenges. GVA will also lead the debate around how to deliver more sustainable, affordable homes to house the UK’s growing and evolving population. We hope you will join in that debate, so do please bookmark these pages and check back for frequent updates.

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Delivering estate renewal

After a series of roundtable sessions, hosted by GVA, Future of London have produced this briefing which combines the thoughts and recommendations from the cross-sector housing leaders who attended.

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Housing Market Outlook

Analysis of the UK housing market which incorporates the latest pricing, demand and supply data, as well as forecasts for 2016 and 2017.

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