Housing in context

Britain just isn't building enough new homes. Shelter and the Federation of Master Builders independently estimate our current housing deficit is around 250,000 new homes per year. The public sector isn't currently able to build enough social housing, and key workers are being "priced out" of cities, especially London. The property market itself is becoming disjointed as a result, with some areas, particularly London and the South East, becoming overheated, while others stagnate.

Rebalancing the bricks and mortar economy has become the top priority of our political leaders. But how can we practically deliver these new homes? The private sector alone cannot be expected to suddenly deliver hundreds of thousands of new units. Likewise the public sector is under-resourced to deliver more social and affordable housing. Garden Cities and New Towns have been put forward as a solution, but in practice finding suitable sites that do not contravene local planning frameworks or inflame opposition seems difficult.

The only way to really begin to tackle the issues is with an integrated, multi-agency approach. GVA's track record sets us apart from many operating in the market, though this is a challenge that will continue well into the future.

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