Knowledge Economy

The right conditions vital in creating knowledge sector growth

The knowledge economy is vital for the future growth of our economy; in terms of jobs, skills, output and exports, and by almost any measure you care to apply, it is the obvious crucial next step in our national and regional development, offering a sustainable economic future and redefining Britain's place in the world.

Already the UK is a world leader in many key areas of the knowledge economy: medicine, pharmaceuticals and technology businesses thrive here. We lead and innovate in the fields such as media and the creative arts, the energy sector including nuclear and renewables - the defence industry and hi-tech manufacturing, while our universities and technical colleges continue to draw the best students from around the globe.

But this is not to say the future of the knowledge economy is secure and mapped out. We need to create the right conditions for UK city growth, nurture talent, and of course deliver the particular property portfolios and other infrastructure ingredients these companies and organisations demand.

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London and the
Knowledge Economy

GVA’s Director of Spatial Planning and Regeneration, Chris Hall, discusses the latest report on London and the Knowledge Economy