Knowledge Economy

Core Cities driving future growth

GVA, and our partners Impact Science, are investing in a knowledge economy platform that builds upon the initial findings from our seminal Core Cities Knowledge Economy report.

Our methodology is based upon a review of tens thousands of records of publications, patents, industrial and market research to assess those areas of research and development that demonstrate a very high value knowledge impact. In our experience, many of these research areas mature, commercialise and productise and in many respects becoming high value growth companies, generating further investment and real estate requirements.

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Where is the data?
By way of illustration, Liverpool's Knowledge Economy 'map' is illustrated here. Each Core City has a similar map produced. For the purposes of the Core Cities report, these maps represent a snapshot of 12months knowledge intensive activity. The time-series can of course be extended.

The underpinning data derives from 3 principal areas. Combining knowledge of publications, patents, industry intelligence and with a general commercial awareness of what is happening in each city or region, we can provide bespoke advice to investors, developers, landlords, the public sector and professional advisers, on the future pipeline of business growth, occupier needs and investment opportunities in each location.

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What does it show?
Each point is a description of research activity in a single city taken from the publications and patent information. By consolidating individual research themes into aggregated themes that link to industrial areas, the maps show clearly clustering patterns and relationships.

Generating results
The Liverpool knowledge economy map indicates that Liverpool possesses some world leading research capabilities in Clinical Genetics, Materials Chemistry, Nuclear & High Energy Physics, Hepatology, Geophysics and Astronomy. Much of this activity over time will become high value business activity with property and investment requirements.

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Deeper analysis
Taking Engineering and Materials Science as an illustration, our knowledge economy platform allows us to drill deeper into each theme and provide commentary on the industry and market size of the particular research theme. By making this explicit link to the global market-place we are able to map the important investor and investment relationships that such high value activity is grounded within. It is therefore not just high-value research viewed in isolation (even as important as this is) but is explicitly about the role of such research in the global investment marketplace.

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Want to know more?
GVA and Impact Science would be happy to discuss your own research requirements, whether you are an investor, developers, landlord, public sector or professional advisers. Please get in touch with the contacts to have a further discussion.

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