Knowledge Economy - case study

Highlighting growth in Liverpool

Our approach has been established to offer an insight into the future growth opportunities for high value businesses throughout our cities and regions.

One such example is a specialist Life Sciences company in Liverpool that emanated from industry, and was nurtured by, the University during its incubation phase. It has now reached a level of maturity and commercialisation where it has already levered in tens of millions of pounds of investment from public and private sources, has successfully completed deals for its pipeline of products, and has grown to such an extent that it now demands a property requirement of some 7,000 sq m of high quality lab and office space to accommodate its expanding workforce and product development programmes, adding significant economic benefit to the city, the region and UK plc.


We have brought together the team that supported this company, plus many other companies to grow, to identify such high value activity now and to map out the future economic growth pipeline across our cities and regions. In other words, what the Knowledge Economy might look like over the next ten years and enable our clients to prepare. Our multi-layered analysis addressing investment, real estate and asset management, will help to provide the vital context to any investment decisions or development opportunities.