Lease consultancy

Our services

GVA’s lease consultancy team has a detailed understanding of the complexity of leases, property law and the sometimes contentious but inter-dependent relationship between owner and occupier.

As a team, we ensure our clients, solicitors and our own agency and investment colleagues are fully informed to deal with all lease arrangements. Ultimately, our high quality, balanced advice means our clients can enjoy the smooth running of their property related matters, leaving them to concentrate on their core business.

Our services include:

Rent review & lease renewal

Ensuring the right result in a simple and cost effective manner including taking to third party/court where required.

Lease restructure

To create added value for landlords and occupiers, often involving the removal of break clauses.

Lease negotiation

Taking the lead in the process, agreeing objectives and planning tactics, using the latest rental and investment market information to inform and guide either party.

Strategic review

Keeping clients’ lease arrangements under constant review to take advantage of future opportunities for rationalisation or restructure, either to maximise returns, reduce costs or improve terms.

Dilapidation valuation/Section 18 claims

Providing assistance to both landlords and tenants, in connection with the negotiations, tactics and preparing expert court reports regarding the limitation cap for dilapidations, being based on the assessment of the damages in value.

Legal conformity

Ensuring documentation, Notice service and dates are correctly drawn up, filed providing reassurance that our clients’ full rights are preserved and not undermined by administrative failure.

Expert Witness

Where disputes cannot be settled by negotiation, we take cases through the Independent Expert or arbitration process.

For more information of any of the above services please contact a member of team consultancy team. You can search for the correct contact here.