Solar Glare/Dazzle

Consideration of hazards created by excessive reflected sunlight

With the increase in tall glazed buildings and their proximity to neighbouring buildings, rail tracks, roads and airports it is important to establish whether any mitigation measures are required to prevent hazardous situations due to reflected sunlight.

Reflected sunlight from the surface of buildings has the potential to create significant hazards, potentially endangering life.

Road junctions and rail tracks are two areas which are particularly sensitive to this type of hazard, as signal lights can be missed due to excessive dazzle. In addition, occupants of adjoining buildings can also be affected by reflected sunlight, making the workplace or home less comfortable and possibly cause accidents.

We have particular expertise dealing with these matters in relation to rail side development, given the increase in new heavily glazed buildings in very close proximity to stations and signals.

We can conduct detailed computer studies to predict the times of the year/month/day where there is the potential to produce these types of effect and then report on how likely they are to create a hazardous situation.

Our capabilities:

  • Initial site review / strategic advice;
  • Undertaking detailed technical studies;
  • Liaison with affected parties;
  • Advising on mitigation measures;
  • Acting as technical adviser to Local Planning Authority;
  • Environment Impact Assessment/ formal reporting.