Becoming a core member of BRE’s Biophilic Office project

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

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GVA are delighted to announce that we have been chosen to be a core member of the BRE (Building Research Establishment)’s Biophilic Office project. The ground-breaking project will focus on the benefits of biophilic design (our innate attraction to nature and the natural world) on health, wellbeing and productivity of office occupants.

Specifically the study will centre on a 650m2 1980s office building on the BRE campus in Watford, which will be refurbished according to biophilic design principles.

The resulting data will allow our Sustainability and Acuity teams to provide advice, evidence and real examples to clients looking to fit-out offices, of how biophilic design can make significant improvements in the health and wellbeing of occupiers.

James Matthews, Sustainability consultant at GVA says: "Anna Scally and I are very excited to be working with leading industry players in the health and wellbeing field. We look forward to being able to generate some productivity data and metrics that we will be able to use with our clients when advising them and discussing health and wellbeing in fit-outs and occupation of space".

This comprehensive and long-term study is unique in terms of scale and data capture.

For more information, contact James Matthews, Sustainability consultant on 020 7911 2260 or email