GVA urges UK Government to show its hand on City Deals

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

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GVA urges UK Government to show its hand on City Deals

Keith Aitken, Senior Director and head of GVA in Scotland calls for Government to stop delaying decisions on City Deals, boosting sentiment and encouraging much needed investment across the UK.

“We would urge the UK Government to be bold on allocating the next phase of City Deals. Rather than delaying due to the uncertainty presented by Brexit, pressing ahead, we believe, can help off-set popular sentiment and give the markets a much desired shot in the arm.

“In a wider Scottish context, Edinburgh’s ‘City Deal’ together with the smaller Growth Funds in Stirling and Ayrshire will be subject to formal approval by the UK Government on Wednesday. It is vitally important these are approved without delay. By doing so, all of Scotland’s key urban areas can collaborate more effectively to attract investment and fund much-needed infrastructure that in turn will boost higher value jobs in tourism, food and drink, informatics, technology, media and telecommunications and the bioscience sector.

“Without such joined-up working Scotland’s towns and cities could become isolated and lose a competitive edge in the post-Brexit era.”

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