Leeds go tree planting

Friday, 10 February 2017

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Despite all the back pain, the Leeds team had an amazing time tree-planting on Tuesday 7 February. The team had a great time bonding and planted approximately 900 trees which is a spectacular achievement.

A bonus to the day was BBC Radio York who just so happens to have chosen our tree planting day to do some filming! Steve Greenwood was brave enough to step up and talk to Radio York on everyone's behalf. As someone said, he has a great face for radio!

Patricia Doherty shares a few moments: "Zoe Smith came to a complete halt during planting for a good 15 minutes or so whilst she laughed herself into a frenzy over my poor unfortunate accident in the bog. I personally witnessed Charlie Blackshaw and Chris Brooksbank getting so carried away hammering a stake into the ground that they forgot that the 18' tree needed something bigger than a 12" stake.

"Watching the pair of them perform trying to remove the said stake was as good as an episode of Morecambe and Wise. The Woodland Trust Quality control team were kept extremely busy following in Jake Pygall's path of destruction. Jake was on a mission to plant as many trees on his own as the rest of us put together. Thank goodness for the Woodland Trust team who were able to rectify all of the wonky planted trees!"

Overall, it seemed like the team had a great laugh whilst mitigating our company’s carbon emissions.

For further information about our partnership with the Woodland Trust please contact Natasha Lee, Corporate Responsibility Assistant on 020 7911 2944 or email

Leeds go tree planting