New Pledge to help development and infrastructure better reflect London's diversity

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

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According to the GLA, “London’s diversity is its biggest asset”, offering a competitive edge internationally and among industry peers. New voices can also bring fresh ideas, critical in difficult times like this.

That’s the thinking behind a new speaker diversity pledge from policy network Future of London, sparked and supported by the Mayor of London. Many decisions on housing, regeneration, transport and more are still led by traditional voices, but the Mayor "wants every single Londoner to have the chance to thrive" and plans to lead by example.

Deputy Mayor for Housing James Murray, one of the first signatories, launched the initiative on 24th August at City Hall.

“James Murray’s own speech request form says he cannot speak on panels without at least one woman participating,” said Future of London director Lisa Taylor. “That sort of assertion is a huge step forward, but we can’t stop with gender – London is made up of an intricate mosaic of people, and we want to bring more of that energy and representation to the table.”

The pledge is made by organisations and individuals, and involves hosting more mixed events, putting forward speakers from under-represented groups, and speaking up when invited to single-demographic panels.

Leading real estate adviser, Bilfinger GVA, is proud to be a signatory to the Pan-London Diversity Pledge and its role in representing the real estate advisory sector helps confirm its position at the forefront of this agenda.

Gerry Hughes, Chief Executive at Bilfinger GVA, is the initiative’s private-sector champion: “Bilfinger GVA is proud to be a signatory to this London-wide Speaker Diversity Pledge. In an industry such as ours, there is still a long way to go where diversity is concerned, but through strong leadership and commitment we are determined to make a profound difference, and in so doing, lead our industry forward.”

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