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Ever since George Osborne first coined the phrase ‘Northern Powerhouse’ in June 2014 it has become very firmly embedded within the property vernacular.

At this time, Mr Osborne gave a name, a focus, and Government support to thinking around economic and inward investment strategy for the North of England – which you could argue built on momentum started as far back as 1995 with the formation of the Core Cities Group, and more recently included the “Moving Forward: The Northern Way” strategy and launch of a £100 million investment fund in 2004.

Since June 2014, the Northern Powerhouse has continued to evolve and demonstrate genuine momentum, with some key milestones identifiable to date. Clearly not all of the milestones achieved can be directly attributed to the Northern Powerhouse alone. However, collectively they do demonstrate positive steps in terms of governance and incentivisation, enabling greater control and decision making at the local level for local priorities and that significant (in terms of scale and nature) investment is being attracted to the North.

The Northern Powerhouse is a fundamental part of our business model, with a strong regional presence across the key northern city regions of Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle, where we employ over 70 Directors and Senior Directors across this geography. Our energy and commitment to the north of England is unrivalled.

We have expertise across the life cycle of property, from planning, development and regeneration consultancy, through the construction process to valuation, asset and property management, including agency and investment transactions.

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Northern Powerhouse:
Realising its full potential

A consideration of how the key capabilities across the North relate to projects coming forward on the ground and the contribution they make to the wider Northern Powerhouse agenda.

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