Plant and machinery

Helping you to understand the value of your plant and machinery

Anything from office furnishings to trains and windfarms can be classed as plant and machinery, and they can be a vital financial component if you’re developing, selling or reorganising your business. But first you need to know what they’re worth.

We value machinery assets for the same reasons as we do property assets: loan security reviews, plant disposals, corporate acquisitions, corporate recovery. Our specialist Plant and Machinery team values proprietary and bespoke plant, from manufacturing equipment, to the more unusual machinery, including aircraft and armoured vehicles. They sit on the plant and machinery valuation panels of the major clearing banks and asset-based lenders, and work with all the major UK insolvency practitioners.

We do more than value your plant. We’ll advise on whether the value is appropriate to your needs and do whatever it takes to get you over the line. Plus, if you’re disposing of your plant, we’ll suggest the best ways to do so.

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