Asset management

Seek an asset management strategy that adds value and increases income

Effective asset management of commercial property is critical to landlords in ensuring occupier retention and long-term income, as well as mitigating void liabilities and service charges.

Occupier retention and the marketing of vacant space each require effective management, ensuring readiness for occupation. Where flexible leasing arrangements are in place, income can be made from short term commercial property investments, particularly where occupier demand is weak.

GVA has a team of independent, experienced asset management professionals with detailed knowledge within the UK regional markets. This ensures that we are well placed to create and implement strategies to optimise income returns across all sectors. We provide comprehensive unbiased advice to property lenders, insolvency practitioners, occupiers and investors to explore all opportunities available.

Market intelligence

Our market intelligence is based on national and local market transactional evidence, combined with awareness of occupier requirements across all sectors. This knowledge enables us to prepare informed strategies and business plans as well as provide skilled resources to coordinate and effectively implement them.

We can identify and quantify value added opportunities and exit strategies through the audit of existing property strategies, providing a focused proactive approach to the management to underperforming commercial property assets.