Service charge consultancy

Specialist advice to help manage, audit and control service charge costs

Our specialist team advises occupiers on occupational costs in the public and private sector. Over the past seven years we have saved clients in excess of £15m in service charge.

If you have a leasehold portfolio, you may be incurring costs that you are not responsible for. We have the knowledge and understanding to advise you and assist with the management and control of service charge costs ranging from audits and reviews to benchmarking and sub-tenant recovery.

Our services include:

  • Data audit: We can undertake full lease audits and review of all legal documentation to ensure accuracy.
  • Service charge consultancy: Service charges are reviewed to ensure best practice and value for money in the services provided by the landlord including a detailed cost breakdown to RICS cost code level.
  • Insurance review: Insurance certificates taken out by the landlord are reviewed against the lease terms to ensure they match the requirements of the lease.
  • Invoice verification: The invoice verification service confirms that amounts billed to the occupier by their landlord are correct and otherwise consistent with the lease agreements and service charge documentation provided.
  • Benchmarking: We benchmark service charge and insurance data against internal and external data to ensure value for money for the client.
  • RICS Code Compliance: We encourage landlords to observe best practice and, where appropriate, challenge service provisions in instances of non-compliance with the RICS Service Charge Code of Practice.
  • Financial planning: The team will prepare an annual report to assist in annual forecasting for service charge and insurance for each financial year, improving cost certainty and providing more accurate year on year budgeting.
  • Sub-tenant recovery and pass through: Costs are examined to establish what service charge and insurance charges can be recovered from the sub-tenants to ensure maximum recovery. This is split into three categories – pass through, RPI costs and recovery through the landlord. GVA will set up and administer the service charge regime.

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