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Our Research team provides market-leading, forward-thinking analysis of the market.

Our innovative thought leadership pieces explore important topics and drive industry debate. They provide insight into where infrastructure investment, government policy, technological advancement and economic and demographic change are driving growth and creating opportunities.

Our market commentaries provide detailed assessments of the UK’s retail, office, industrial and residential markets, with a particular focus on London and the UK’s major regional cities, and we look at the increasingly important 'alternative' property sectors such as healthcare, hotels and student accommodation.

We also produce UK-wide analysis and forecasting in areas such as property investment performance, occupational demand trends and development activity, and produce bespoke reports and studies tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

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Featured research

Student housing review Spring 2018Student housing review
Spring 2018

The report explores the performance of the student housing sector over 2017 and the key opportunities and challenges for the coming year. It examines investment market performance, rental growth, the supply of purpose build student accommodation, the demand dynamic and development outlook.

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