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Consensual sales

GVA work in partnership with both the lender and customer on a consensual basis to provide cost-effective strategies for distressed commercial real estate loans.

Whilst the more traditional Fixed Charge Receivership appointments continue to be a viable route of recovery, alternative strategies such as consensual workout arrangements or consensual sales can be feasible options in the right circumstances. Objectives of consensual exits can include:

  • Refinance or sale
  • Restructuring of debt or equity
  • Stakeholder consensus
  • Sell in improved market conditions
  • Reduce cost of realisation
  • More extensive marketing information / vendor due diligence
  • Early exit
  • Transparency through reporting
  • Perceived as non-distressed sale

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Consensual SalesConsensual Sales

We have the largest and most experienced property Restructuring Solutions team in the UK representing all major banks and building societies as well as alternative lenders.

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