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By order Halton Borough Council

COLMEC Tgs60/110 Extrusion Machine (2006)
COLMEC Silicone Cable Line (Extrusion - 2006)
2:COLMEC Ctm185 Conic Twin Mix Silicone
Mixing Lines (2006 & 2007) Each With Talc Unit And Wig/Wag Unit
COLMEC Smc/1250 Drum Pay Off (2006)
Colmec Assil Cable
Coating Transfer System
BETA Laser Cable
Monitoring Units
COLMEC Cpv09/2000 Crash Oven
COLMEC Tgs105 Extruder
4:COLMEC Cfac/V6 Regenerative Ovens (2006)
COLMEC Capstan Speed Control
PROTON Sl Laser Unit
SCHLICHT Electric Static Charging Unit (2006)
COLMEC Tbw/1000 Twin Drum Auto Pay On System (2006)
SAMPSISTEMI 7 Drum Capacity Bunching
Line With 4:Sampsistemi Sv1250dm Drum
Pay Off Units (2008)
SAMPSISTEMI Bm1250nd Double Twist Bunching Machine (2008)
BOLZONI Auramo Drum Loading Platform
WINDAK Cable Handling / Packing Line
Various Meltech Winders
General Office Equipment

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Viewing dates: By appointment only on 12th and 13th September 2012
Located at: Runcorn, Cheshire
Bidding ends: Midday Wednesday 19th September 2012 (Subject to bidding extensions)

Bidding to take place online at

A 15% buyers premium will be applied to all successful bids

For further information please contact:
Paul Pilling
T: 0161 956 4322

Andrew Bibby
T: 0161 956 4323


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