Sustainability consultancy

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Policy, regulation, technology and market drivers are changing rapidly and creating new risks and opportunities for organisations and properties. Practical knowledge of the issues can allow the risks to be managed and the opportunities maximised.

At GVA, we recognise the increasing importance of sustainability as a key driver in investment performance. The sustainability team work with colleagues throughout GVA to provide services that improve the sustainability performance of clients’ organisations, investments and operations.

We are actively involved in finding solutions for clients and the real estate industry and are involved with a number of industry bodies including the UK Green Building Council, the Better Buildings Partnership and the RICS. We regularly provide the market with information and insight on pertinent issues that impact the industry. In particular, GVA’s Green to Gold series is the UK’s longest running survey of commercial property investors’ views on sustainability.

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Sustainability matters

Are organisations still so fixated with being shown the business case for sustainability that they are blindsided to the obvious benefits that come with constructing buildings to a better standard? Why are we still trying so hard to convince the sceptics of the business case behind sustainability?

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