Roadside and automotive

Steering clients in the right direction for over thirty years

Britain has some of Europe’s busiest roads. With over 30 million vehicles registered in the UK, the variety of commercial property types supported by the sector is as rich as it is diverse. We were one of the first commercial property consultants to recognise the potential of that market for our clients, and have spent three decades fine-tuning and expanding our range of roadside and automotive specialist property services.

In the Automotive real estate sector, knowledge of the nuances of the market is invaluable. We’ve also been carrying out and harvesting detailed market intelligence in the sector for years, an invaluable resource for our clients who want to buy, sell, build or develop a roadside asset.

Although roadside is often seen as a niche area, property in the roadside and automotive sector has a combined value of billions. The extensive specialist experience we’ve built up makes us ideally placed to advise on the roadside and automotive real estate sector, for both occupiers and investors. We’re equally comfortable with handling agency, valuation, or landlord and tenant instructions.

Our principal focus, in terms of workload, is centred on auto retail and fuel retail across the UK. But our roadside experience includes major MSA portfolio instructions, self-storage, drive-thru restaurants/coffee and numerous sales for alternative uses such as residential and care homes.

The highly competitive property market makes acquisition work challenging, especially in and around the South East. We have a hands-on approach to site finding and acquisitions. It’s more effort on our part, but something we believe essential to meeting our client’s objectives. We also have a detailed understanding of roadside and automotive planning policy, and can help you to establish land ownership, and carry out off-market approaches to landlords, developers and other parties.

We know how important pipeline activity is to certain roadside and automotive business – particularly car dealerships. The possibility of retail standards, or corporate identity criteria, changing is very real. It’s also a risk. We advise on future-proofing strategies, drawing on our long history of working with occupiers to mitigate potential risks.

Similarly, our detailed knowledge of existing use requirements – which are mostly unpublished – is a competitive advantage when selling our clients’ property. If you are in the position of selling for alternative uses, we’re able to consult our fellow specialists across the company to ensure the best possible outcome. And we can identify which alternative use proposals are likely to be deliverable.

The experience we’ve amassed can also be tapped into by institutional investors and property companies. We provide clients with in-depth critical analyses on opportunities, as well as existing stock – helping them to determine which are long-term plays and possible areas of opportunity.

Transportation is being reinvented. With all major vehicle manufacturers investing heavily in electric technologies and the emergence of new consumer trends the implications for the automotive sector are huge. As pioneers in the market, we know that this will present risks to investors, but also open up exciting opportunities.